New High-Tech Plumbing : Faucets, Showerheads, and More
New High-Tech Plumbing : Faucets, Showerheads, and More

Home Artisans of Indiana | High-Tech PlumbingShowerheads, faucets and even toilets are tending towards hands-free technology. Ferguson’s plumbing expert, Diana Dinges, shares her favorite new, high-tech plumbing products.

“Unique new showerheads include the Hansgrohe Raindance model and the Axor and Kohler ceiling shower heads. The Raindance has a vacuum inside its head which sucks up warm air, making it feel like more water is spraying out. Axor’s in-the-ceiling showerhead provides a rain-like shower experience. Kohler’s ceiling-flush model is on its third generation and can be set to many different spa experiences.”

“Kohler has several other impressive products—a touchless faucet, and a toilet. The faucet is impressive because of its flawless reaction time. It’s a beautiful faucet perfect for kids, arthritic hands, and craft rooms. The toilet is fully hands-free. Walking into the bathroom opens the lid, and walking out closes it. The seat can warm itself, and of all things it can play an ipod.”

For an excellent bath and kitchen plumbing advisor, reach out to Diana Dinges, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery.

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