New Technologies Offer More Choice in Shower Glass and Hardware
New Technologies Offer More Choice in Shower Glass and Hardware

New technologies for shower glass and hardware have solved a number of issues for homeowners, especially for those who love the current frameless shower door trend.

Less Upkeep: Shower door and enclosure glass can now be painted with hydrophobic coatings that make upkeep much easier. The coatings repel water, soap scum and lime for a spotless surface that doesn’t need constant wiping to look clean. This grime-free glass is the perfect option for those who like the clean look of frameless shower doors and enclosures.

No More Green Glass: Manufacturers have also been looking to solve the green-glass issue. Regular glass has a greenish tint to it, most evident on its cut edge, because it is made with iron. Low-iron glass options are now available: Starfire, which has a blue hue, and Ultra-Clear, which is colorless. Particularly in a large shower enclosure, the difference between regular glass and low-iron glass is significant.

Smaller Yet Stronger Hardware: To go along with the frameless trend, shower door hardware has been scaled down and strengthened, meaning less metal can hold more weight. Since homeowners are spending more on tile and plumbing fixtures, this minimum amount of hardware helps them stay within budget. And they allow for more exposed glass to show off the gorgeous shower interior!

For more ideas about advanced glass design, reach out to member Donna Moulder at Mirror & Glass Concepts.

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