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New Technology in Drapery: Motorized Drapes
New Technology in Drapery: Motorized Drapes

motordrapes_HAOImin2txt3_6_15You wouldn’t think that the fabric hanging over your windows could have any technology to it, but think again! Drapery is becoming motorized. These high-tech drapes and blinds can be raised, lowered, or swept sideways electronically, controlled by remote, wall switch, or even a smart device. Motorized drapery is becoming quite popular since the technology has been improved and prices have dropped. We are seeing many more products updated with this capability, giving homeowners more affordable options in their drapery choices.motordrapes_HAOImintxt3_6_15

Motorized drapes are wonderful for those hard to reach windows and to set a mood.  We often place these kinds of shades behind kitchen sinks or bathtubs, in a theater room to help raise the excitement before a movie starts, or in tall, double-story windows.

For more great drapery options and design, reach out to Caryn O’Sullivan, Drapery Street.

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