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Personalizing Your Home
Personalizing Your Home

Personalizing your home depends greatly on attention to details – carefully choosing architectural additions, plumbing hardware, light fixtures, and unique décor that create a home specific to your taste. Taking a builder-grade home and making it your own is a common desire for many, and struggle for some. Here, our Home Artisans members suggest new products and ideas for adding stylish and functional details to personalize your home.

The Power of Quality

If you have the chance to make material decisions for your home, choose what spaces you’d like to invest in the most. Whether it be kitchen cabinets, living room built-ins or an attention-grabbing mantle, using quality materials take your project to the next level.

Material Details:

Making a space your own is what every homeowner craves. One great way to do that is by installing custom cabinetry, which affords you the flexibility to make a plethora of selections. For starters, custom cabinets enable you to size everything precisely the way you want. For instance, say you have a window that’s offset; you can make it look like it was meant to be that way rather than sticking in a big filler piece.  Going the custom cabinetry route means you can create a kitchen that is as beautiful as it is functional and suits your particular wants and needs. That’s really the most important thing.  – Jeanne Holmes, ACo

Invest In Your Most Used Spaces

It’s fair to say that two of the most used spaces in a home are the kitchen and bathrooms. If we’re going to spend the most time in the spaces, why not make them feel luxurious?

Kitchen & Bathroom Details

The faucet is vital to a kitchen’s workflow, so it’s worth investing in one that best suits your needs. Extendable faucets are handy for filling large pots, while wall-mounted pot fillers can also get the job done. Consider stainless steel or chrome fixtures for everything in the kitchen, as these are the most durable and very easy to keep sparkling.

Bathrooms have a lot of plumbing to them, and there are many beautiful options that can complete your perfect bathroom design. Shower heads themselves can have different settings; you can even install a shower head in the ceiling to mimic rain. Free-standing tubs tend to be more spacious and provide architectural interest, as opposed to built-in rectangle tubs. If you are planning to stay in your current house beyond retirement, consider planning for aging-in-place additions such as grab bars, walk-in tubs or curbless showers. – Diana Dinges, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

Set the Stage for Your Furnishings

While furniture and decor make a world of difference in a space, creating a sort of ‘gallery’ for those pieces takes them to the next level.

Lighting Details:

Oftentimes, we find that lighting gets forgotten. Once someone has it installed, though, they’re shocked they were ever able to use the space without it. If you spend a significant amount of time in an outdoor space, it’s wise to light it for functional reasons. What many homeowners don’t realize is how light penetration, fixture placement, viewpoint, and Kelvin temperature choice can completely transform their property. For instance, spotlighting a tree, fountain, waterfall, or some other feature makes the space seem bigger than it actually is because it adds depth to the entire property. – Dan Weingart, GreenImage Landscape & Design

Window Treatment Details:

Drapery frames windows and adds texture, color and softness to a room. Without a good dressing up, windows can seem bare and unfinished. Motorized shades are wonderful for those hard to reach windows and to set a mood. They are convenient to place behind kitchen sinks or bathtubs, in a theater room to help raise the excitement before a movie starts, or in tall, double-story windows.  There are a host of options in window treatments, making it easy to create a personalized look to your home. –Caryn O’Sullivan, Drapery Street

Make Your Mark

This part of the process allows the homeowner to really make their mark, utilizing sentimental pieces from their existing collection and adding new touches as they go. Decor can evolve with changes in style and season, growing with the family.

Home Décor Details:

In design, it’s smart to start with a rug and then base color palette, furniture, and other pieces on that theme. However, depending on your area, you may not need a rug. If that is the case, then start with your largest piece of furniture, most likely a chair or loveseat. From there, choose pillows, a blanket, and any other accessories needed to fit the vibe and look you are going for. Do you want neutral or colorful pieces in your space? If you need storage are you drawn to woven baskets or lidded wooden boxes? Stick with a consistent type of container for a cohesive look. Make your list, gather everything together, and start setting up your space. It may take a few tries to find the right order of things to find your happy place! – Kate Elliott, Koti Designs

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