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Prepare for Cold, Ice and Snow
Prepare for Cold, Ice and Snow

The winter weather can be tough on the exterior of our homes, and it is not easy to fix something outside when temperatures are below freezing. Snow and ice bring their own challenges. Home Artisans of Indiana members share their advice on how to prepare for winter weather to prevent home exterior damage:

CLEAN THE GUTTERS: “Gutter are full of leaves and sticks by the end of fall. Before the snow starts, remove all debris from those clogged gutters. Also rinse out your downspouts with a hose. This will prevent snow runoff water from staying on your roof and forming ice dams, which can cause ceiling leaks and damage. There are many companies you can hire to clear your gutters for you if you are unable to.” Brian Paxton, A Better View Window Cleaning and Millie Hindes, Watergate Roofing

DIM OUTDOOR LIGHTS: “Once temperatures drop below freezing, you will not feel like changing your outdoor light bulbs! Here’s a trick; they can last twice as long if you put them on dimmers and reduce their brightness by 10%.” Tracy Leeper King, Indiana Lighting Center

PLANT SOME TREES AND SHRUBS: “Before winter fully arrives, you have a window of opportunity to plant trees and shrubs. The air may be chilling, but the ground is still warm and soft. Nearly all trees have lost their leaves, so their energy goes into developing their roots. Planting a new tree during this time frame allows the root systems to easily establish themselves firmly and deeply in your landscape before the hard frost.” Gregg Pulley, Wesley’s Landscape and Lawncare

BLEED EXTERIOR WATER FAUCETS: “Plumbing can burst, spring leaks or become damaged when water left over in exterior water lines and faucets freezes. Removing the water will help prevent freezing. Shut off the inside valves to the outside faucets first, then open and drain the excess water from the outside water lines and faucets.” Cathy Stegemoller, Steg Plumbing

Do you have any winter weather tips to share? Leave a comment for us below!

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