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Preparing for a Local Move
Preparing for a Local Move

Moving is quite the undertaking, one that involves much planning, time, and coordination. But even after you find your new place and sell your old one, there are a whole slew of tasks that must be completed before you can start packing. David Stamper of Planes Companies, provider of local and international moving services, gives a run-down of how to prepare for a local move before you fold your first box.

“First you will need to decide at what time in the year you are going to move. You should always move when it is most convenient for you, but if you have the flexibility, it is best to avoid moving during summer, or December and early January during the end-of-year holidays. Moving demands are high during these periods.

Second, you need to find a mover. Unfortunately, moving fraud is common, and you really need to be on the lookout against the fly-by-night, shady businesses. For a more comprehensive look at how to avoid moving fraud, visit the Department of Transportation’s website.  To start looking for a reputable mover, I recommend visiting the Better Business Bureau, and of course Planes Companies. We, like many professional movers, offer free in-home surveys to estimate your moving cost. Obtain estimates from several businesses to compare and find the best deal. Without a written estimate, you can fall victim to hidden fees and get overcharged. Also, make sure to review the mover’s paperwork and ask questions if there is anything you don’t understand. When you’ve selected your company, call them as early as possible; 4 to 6 weeks’ notice will allow for proper planning on both your and the mover’s part.

Finally, determine how much packing work the mover will be doing. Movers are able to do just about everything, so this depends on how much packing you want to do or are capable of doing. Time is part of the charge, so the more you do yourself, the less you have to pay. Generally it is better to disassemble and reassemble large items such as beds and tables yourself, as you likely know these items better and will do it correctly.”

Planes Companies provides excellent moving services both locally and internationally. Visit the Indianapolis chapter on their member page.

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