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Project Highlight—Custom Walk-in Closet
Project Highlight—Custom Walk-in Closet

Our client in Geist had a walk-in closet that wasn’t working well for her, and lacked her own personal touch. We were given the task of creating a new design for the closet within the existing space, and not only make it beautiful and personal, but also completely functional for the client’s individual needs.

Our first challenge was space. It was a mid-sized closet that wasn’t built for organization or efficient use of space. We had to create a design that would fit the client’s large collection of clothing, shoes and accessories. After meeting with the client and taking inventory of everything she wanted to store in the closet, we began drawing up a design for custom cabinetry and storage pieces we would build ourselves and install.

walk-in closet design

Our design called for a fair amount of double rod storage; since most of our client’s clothing was tops, she didn’t need a lot of space for hanging long coats and dresses. We balanced the closet by lining each side with double rod storage, putting most of the accessory and shoe storage in the back. We combined the client’s unique tastes with a sleek modern look, choosing dark, smooth cabinetry and finishes, while brightening the space with a light-colored patterned rug, bright silver chandeliers, and a large mirror door. We also added a small, dark-colored bench per the client’s desire that matched the cabinetry and modern feel of the closet.

Our custom cabinetry is built within an 1/8 of an inch on each wall so that it has a great, fitted look. Our skilled install team took a mere 2 days to bring the vision to reality. The end result was an amazingly beautiful and function space with the client’s unique personal touches. Every inch was utilized, floor to ceiling to take advantage of all areas. The client absolutely loved her new dream closet!

Have questions about this project, or need a great custom walk-in closet design of your own? Reach out to member Erin Moore, California Closets.

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