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Questions to Ask Your Residential Dumpster Service
Questions to Ask Your Residential Dumpster Service

When looking for a residential dumpster service to help you dispose of your home remodeling project or landscaping debris, it is important to ask detailed questions about their services and dumpsters. There’s a bit more to dumpsters than meets the eye. You can avoid property damage and hassle if you ask the right questions and find a company that understands your needs.

Driveway and Property Protection

Dumpsters are heavy, bulky objects that are often delivered by heavy-duty trucks. Depending on your home though, a large truck may have a hard time delivering your dumpster without running over your yard or damaging your driveway. Ask the dumpster service company how they deliver their dumpsters, and if they provide something for the heavy dumpster to sit on while it is on your property.

Dumpster Features

Different projects will produce different amounts of waste. Ask the company about the sizes of dumpsters they offer, and what they would recommend for your project. A smaller dumpster will likely fit better on your driveway or in your garage, but it may be too small for your project. Knowing ahead of time will save you the trouble of having to rent another dumpster, or putting up with a large dumpster that you barely fill. Some dumpsters have doors in the back or sides that allow for easy loading, and some dumpsters have lids that will keep animals out at night and prevent trash from blowing around your yard. Both features are helpful in the long run, so ask the company if their dumpsters have these capabilities.

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