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Ready for a Dive-In Movie Night? Outdoor Audio/Visual Solutions
Ready for a Dive-In Movie Night? Outdoor Audio/Visual Solutions

Enjoying music or a movie by your pool or patio is very possible these days. There are many options available for bringing audio/visual capabilities into your outdoor living space.

The traditional outdoor audio systems that have been around for about 20 years consist of a pair or more of shoebox speakers, or architectural speakers disguised as rocks, planters or landscape lights place strategically around the yard. How this system sounds depends on where you stand—volume and quality change when you move away and closer to speakers. In the past few years, a new style of outdoor audio has been developed that achieves a much more enveloping experience, bringing music to the foreground of an outdoor area. Using a combination of subwoofers and satellites, a backyard system can sound as good as playing music in your car. The satellites play the high music, and the subwoofers play the bass. This system, when designed and installed correctly, has an incredibly even sound quality everywhere, effectively immersing a space.

In the visual department, outdoor televisions make it possible to watch anything wherever you are. Televisions can be installed in many places such as on one wall of a house, on a fireplace in an outdoor kitchen area, and even on a pole next to a pool. These TVs are designed to be completely outdoors year-round, come rain or shine. Creating home outdoor theaters are also possible. Outdoor TVs can be connected to surround systems just like your indoor entertainment system. If you want to go big, you can choose to set up a projection system with a portable screen. All of these audio and visual options can be controlled from a remote or a smart device.

If you are planning an outdoor living area and you want to include audio or visual technology, call a specialist before you start the project. Wiring and other installations will need to be made during or before landscaping and architectural work. Planning is therefore necessary, and you will need an audio-visual expert to help you through it.

For more home or outdoor audio/visual solutions, contact Ray Rice at Digital Sight & Sound.

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