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Remodeling? Don’t Overlook Your Electrical System!
Remodeling? Don’t Overlook Your Electrical System!

Though your electrical system runs inside the walls of your house, it can still be improved, moved and expanded to better suit your lifestyle. Many older homes were not wired for the large number of electronics we have today—phones, tablets, multiple computers and TVs—and there are often not enough outlets to handle all the appliances. A remodel is the perfect opportunity to update your electrical system.

When you are planning your design, think about the electronics you have now and where you use them. You can add more outlets in places based on your habits. There is also a good chance that in your remodel you are adding new features like lighting, ceiling fans or kitchen appliances. These new energy needs can greatly affect your electrical system. Have electrical professionals look over your renovation plans to ensure you are reconfiguring and expanding your system correctly.

For a full-service electrical contractor that works with remodels, reach out to member David Burtner, Burtner Electric.

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