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Roof Installation: What to Expect When Replacing Your Roof
Roof Installation: What to Expect When Replacing Your Roof

Eventually, all houses will need a new roof. Either by aging or storm damage, the shingles will start to curl and deteriorate, leaving you with a potentially leaky ceiling.  Replacing your roof is a huge task, and many homeowners are inexperienced in the roof installation process. Though the steps are fairly straightforward, there are important details in each stage you will want to get right the first time:

  1. The Roof

Make sure your roof is getting torn off and replaced. You do not want a new layer laid over your existing shingles.  Laminate shingles (also called architectural or dimensional shingles) are the best choice for durability, aesthetics and longevity, not the lesser-quality 3-tab shingles. High winds and storms are common for Indiana, and laminate shingles have a much higher wind rating. Ice and water shields should be installed in all your valleys, around any chimney penetrations and along roof-to-wall areas. All roof accessories should also be replaced: pipe boots, box vents, ridge vent, exhaust vents, etc. If you want to upgrade from box vents to ridge vents, make sure the box vent holes will be filled in with plywood.

  1. The Contract

The roofing contractor will collect around half of the total cost of the job in order to get started, and expect the remaining half as soon as the job is complete. Your contractor should go through the line items of the estimate with you and answer any of your questions. Be sure your contractor offers at least a 1-year warranty, because if any problems arise, it will be within the next four seasons.

  1. Construction

The job site will be a complete mess while the roof is being installed, and there may be some grass and plants that are damaged; it is a construction site! The crew will do their best to clean up; you will hopefully see your contractor going around with a magnet to catch any loose nails, and checking the roof to make sure everything looks good.

For roof inspections, repairs and replacements, reach out to Millie Hindes, Watergate Roofing.

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