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Signs of a Reputable Concrete Builder
Signs of a Reputable Concrete Builder

All new homes need a reliable foundation, and to build one you will need a quality concrete builder. The key to finding your perfect contractor is to know what to look for. Here we give you three tips that define a trustworthy concrete company:

Recommendations: Referrals, good reviews, and endorsements from leading builders in your area are the first signs of a reputable contractor.

Professionalism: The trustworthiness of a contractor’s other business partners will also tip you off. Find out who the company works for or with and check their reviews and qualifications. You do not want to pick the contractor who runs with poor partners. Also inquire about the contractor’s own employees. A concrete builder who includes professional engineers and surveyors on their team to create accurate blueprints values quality and precision—they want to minimize their risk of making mistakes.

Contract Savvy: Pay attention to how the business writes a contract. Do they ask for a down payment or draw, or do they guarantee to carry the whole project through to the end? While a down payment may seem reasonable, it may be wiser to find a company that sets a final price before the project starts, so that you don’t end up paying more money for unforeseen circumstances.

Ready to find a reliable concrete builder? Tim Eckert of Weber Concrete would be happy to see how he can meet your needs.

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