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Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget Your Windows and Gutters!
Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget Your Windows and Gutters!

With the beautiful weather comes the chance for outdoor spring cleaning, and two items you definitely don’t want to forget are your windows and gutters. Cleaning windows during spring takes off all the winter grime and renews your view, and unclogging debris from your gutters will let the heavy spring rains flow down your home’s gutter system.

Cleaning Your Windows

You will want to get a hold of a squeegee, a sponge and other professional window-washing tools. Rubbing windows with paper towels and cleaner just moves the dirt around instead of removing it. Wash from the top down to prevent dirt or streaks from dripping down the window. Wait for a cloudy day; direct sunlight can dry the window before you are finished washing it.

Cleaning Your Gutters

To clean your gutters, put on some gloves and remove all sticks, leaves, and other debris that may have piled up in your gutters over winter. Afterwards, carefully rinse out the downspouts with a hose.

If either your gutters or your windows are high up on the house or are difficult to reach, hire an experienced company to clean them for you. For a professional window-washing and gutter-cleaning crew, reach out to Brian Paxson, A Better View Window Cleaning.

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