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Spring Cleaning Essentials
Spring Cleaning Essentials

What makes for a successful and refreshing home spring cleaning? It is hard to accomplish anything without a goal or plan, and making your house spic and span again is no different. There are many ways to tackle a spring clean—some do it all in one weekend, others take it one room at a time—but creating a list of steps can make anyone’s process easier. These three steps will help you get started making your home fresh and ready for spring:

  1. Swap Winter for Spring and Summer

Switch out your winter gear and decorations with spring and summer items. Make your home look like spring! You won’t need those warm clothes for a while, and there will be more space to work with if you pack away things you aren’t going to use until next year.

  1. Make Space

Many associate spring cleaning with purging, and there is a good reason. Devoting a day or two once a year to clearing your rooms of items you don’t need, use or want keeps the amount of clutter down. An overstuffed home is uncomfortable and more difficult to live in. Allowing (or forcing) yourself to pitch things can free up space and create a lighter, more relaxing atmosphere in your house.

  1. Welcome Fresh Air

Our houses have been tightly shut against the cold all winter. Now is the time to open those windows and let the fresh air in!  The goal is to dispel those lingering smells and trapped vapors from gas-burning appliances or cleaning chemicals, as well as any other airborne particles that have been recirculating inside during winter. This simple airing-out can really fill your home with a sweet, fresh smell, and give you cleaner air to breathe.

Want to deep clean your house this spring? Click here for our post about what a full deep clean looks like.

For more help with your home cleaning needs, reach out to member Christina Garten, Christina’s Complete Clean.




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