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Summer Fun Tips for Your Home
Summer Fun Tips for Your Home

Indiana summers are often hot and humid. Home Artisans of Indiana members have pulled together their top tips that will help you escape the heat but still enjoy the warm season.

SAVE ENERGY: “Summer’s long and sunny days are the perfect opportunity to use less electricity. If you have or buy automated blinds, you can set them to rise with the daylight and lower at night, using sunlight to your greatest advantage. Installing an automated or smart thermostat can also help you save energy during summer vacations. You can set it to higher temperatures right until you plan to return, so that you can come home to a cool house, and you won’t waste energy while you aren’t using it.” Member Ray Rice, Digital Sight & Sound

SHOWER OUTSIDE: “Summer activities can get messy. Installing an outdoor shower allows everyone, even pets, to wash off after yard work, a day’s romp or a swim in the pool.” Member Diana Dinges, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

COOL YOUR LIGHTING: Another way to eliminate heat in your home is to use LED light bulbs. These energy-efficient lamps create only trace amounts of heat. There are LED lights for most every application.” Member Tracy Leeper King, Indiana Lighting Center

REWORK YOUR CLOSET: “If you are tight on storage, seasonally change your clothes out to bring your cooler summer clothes into your space. Use wire pullout baskets for items like bathing suits to allow breathability. Installing a lighted ceiling fan in your closet will keep that usually smaller, stuffier space ventilated and breezy.” Member Erin Moore, California Closets

MAINTAIN YOUR HVAC SYSTEM: “The environment of your house depends upon its HVAC and air duct unit. Maintaining and cleaning your air ducts will increase/sustain your HVAC’s efficiency, and keep your home cool.” Member Carlton Mills, Ductz

CIRCULATE YOUR AIR: “Installing ceiling fans around your home helps create a breeze through your rooms. In the summer, the blades should move counter-clockwise. Member Tracy Leeper King, Indiana Lighting Center

KEEP THE COLD IN: “Letting the summer breeze in through your screen doors and windows can be refreshing, but you can let a lot of heat into your house. Open windows only when outside temperatures are low. Also consider how you can cut down on humidity in your home. The more humid the air, the hotter it feels despite the temperature. A new AC unit is better at drawing out humidity than an old or dysfunctional one, keeping your house cooler. ” Member Brian Schutt, Homesense Heating & Cooling

For more information on these and other home maintenance ideas, visit Our Members page on to contact our home improvement experts.

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