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The Benefits of a Home Network
The Benefits of a Home Network

A computer network is formed when two or more computers (or electronic devices) are connected together. Although they’ve been around for more than 20 years, it was only after the advent of broadband Internet that many people started installing them in their homes. Today, home networks are used to share Internet connections, multimedia and other files. The network is what enables all those apps to control all those new internet connected devices. If you want to control your lights, thermostats or your alarm system from your smart phone, that all happens across the network. All new electronics are connected through the network so the importance of a well-designed and robust home network can’t be understated.
So, how could your home benefit from adding a network?
Internet Sharing
The most common reason for setting up a home network is to share an Internet connection. With a home network, multiple devices can access the Internet from a single source. That means computers, tablets, smartphones and video game consoles can all connect independently to the Internet at the same time.
Streaming and Sharing Media
Home networks make it possible to stream movies, music and more across multiple devices. Blueray players, game systems and other multimedia devices have made it possible to connect your TV to the Internet, so you can enjoy watching a wide variety of content on the big screen! Additionally, a home network makes it possible to store media so you can access it from more than one device. In fact, many people with a home network are actually opting to cancel their cable or satellite, and exclusively stream off the home network.
Equipment Access
With a home network, not only can you share files and media, but you can also share equipment like printers and scanners. This means you no longer have to purchase a printer for each individual computer. Talk about a cost saving bonus.
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