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The Top Five Risks of a Bathroom Remodel
The Top Five Risks of a Bathroom Remodel

A great bathroom is highly desirable for many reasons. Like kitchens, a bathroom needs to have space for a lot of different activities. Many homeowners find they want bathrooms that streamline their morning and evening routines—a place that is organized, spacious, relaxing and not a hassle to clean. But remodeling a bathroom can get complicated quickly. There is simply a lot to line up: lighting, plumbing, faucets and fixtures, cabinetry, sinks, baths or showers, tiling and etc. Our expert Home Artisans of Indiana members brought together their experiences and advice to identify the top five risks of a bathroom remodel.

1. Poor Planning and Design

This number one risk is the bane of any household project. A good design is essential for creating a functional bathroom. Forming a layout that poorly organizes the space and chooses options that are more pretty than usable will make for an uncomfortable bathroom. The electricity and plumbing also need to be just right, as those elements can affect the underlying systems in your bathroom. Having plumbing and electrical professionals review your remodeling plans will help you avoid expensive blunders. Also, a poor plan may overlook safety. Bathrooms are accident-prone, and if you are thinking of living in your house into retirement, you may want to plan for that in your design. Aging-in-place design, also called universal design, aims to make homes accessible and safe. Consulting an expert in this area will give you lots of options for a safer bathroom, such as installing a barrier-free shower or walk-in tub.

2. Leaks and Shortages

When tearing things up, moving plumbing around, and knocking on the walls, you risk springing leaks or damaging electrical lines. Be sure to consult a plumbing and electrical expert before moving or modifying your space to avoid this issue.

3. Cost Overruns and Overpaying

Figuring out the final cost of a project before you start remodeling is a difficult feat, but a worthwhile one. Incorrectly identifying all costs upfront can lead to overspending because you did not set an accurate budget. But there is also the fact that you can easily overpay for materials and labor if you are not experienced with remodels. Finally, the costs of the products you choose, such as showerheads or lights are more than their price-tags; they have lifecycle costs too. What is cheaper today may not be cheaper down the road. You run the risk of added costs when you use those products daily. Consulting an expert who can tell you about the lifecycle costs of your products can help you determine which options will be the most cost-effective.

4. Lack of Experiential Knowledge

Did you know that the pretty shower faucet you just bought requires a rough in-valve inside the wall for it to work properly? There are hundreds of little things like that learned through experience. If this is not your profession you run the risk of missing some major details that can bite you later.

5. Time Delays

Remodeling takes time, and it is difficult to predict how long a project should take if you are unfamiliar with the process. Making sure a project goes smoothly means getting all the materials you need before you start, and coordinating yours and your contractor’s schedules. Miscommunications, misplaced materials or forgotten items can delay your project and make that part of your home unusable for quite some time.

Fortunately, all of these issues can be solved by hiring a remodeling professional that has a proven and tested process.

For your various remodeling needs, reach out to these Home Artisans of Indiana members: David Burtner, Burtner Electric; Cathy Stegemoller, Steg Plumbing; David Decker, The Affordable Companies; and Kent McCool, Home Safe Homes.

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