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The Top Five Risks of a Kitchen Remodel
The Top Five Risks of a Kitchen Remodel

It’s time to make the heart of the home reflect YOU! Kitchen remodels are often dreamt up with the goal of expanding, updating, or rearranging the space for better functionality. Along with functional changes, many homeowners install the latest appliances, spacious cabinets, bright lighting and quality plumbing. Go big or go home, right!?

All of these components, however, create a challenging remodel project. The complexity of kitchens requires much planning and product knowledge, not to mention finding the right contractors and creating a realistic budget. With the average kitchen remodel costing $27,000, you run the risk of making some expensive mistakes! Our expert Home Artisans of Indiana members brought together their experiences to identify the top five risks of a kitchen remodel.

Poor Design

The devil is in the details! Nailing the design is crucial to the success of your project, as the kitchen is the hub of a variety of activities. From making meals to hosting family gatherings, kitchens should be designed around your lifestyle. Going with a layout that poorly organizes the space and chooses options that are more pretty than usable will make for an awkward and inefficient kitchen. Prioritize function over form.

Budget Mistakes

It is essential to map out an accurate budget for any renovation, but it is even more vital in a kitchen remodel. With many moving parts in a kitchen remodel,  you can easily overspend if you lose track of things. You can also pay too much for materials and labor if you do not have experience with remodels. It is also not advisable to go with cheap appliances and materials to cut costs – you get what you pay for in most cases, and in the end you spend more on repairs or replacements. The same goes for items that have a higher life cycle cost. It may be cheaper up front, but an inefficient item will cost more down the road. Consulting an expert who can tell you about the quality and total costs of your products can help you determine which options will be the most cost-effective.

Gaps in Experience

If remodeling or kitchen design is not your profession, you run the risk of missing some pretty major issues. Kitchen cabinets are just one example. In our experience, we have learned that it is worthwhile to buy the highest-quality cabinets you can afford. They are the workhorse of your kitchen and can last a long time if chosen wisely. And, what’s pretty on the front isn’t always pretty behind the door. Did you know some ranges require deeper-than-standard cabinets left and right of the range to hide the sides of the appliance? There are hundreds of little details throughout the experience that can make or break your remodel.

Time Delays

Kitchen remodels are hefty projects, and it is difficult to predict how long yours should take if you are unfamiliar with the process. Making sure a kitchen remodel project goes smoothly means getting all the necessary materials before you start, and coordinating your schedule with your contractor’s. Miscommunication, misplaced materials or forgotten items can delay your project and make your kitchen unusable for quite some time.

Electrical and Plumbing Mistakes

When you are demolishing parts of your kitchen and moving plumbing around, you always run the risk of damaging electrical lines and pipes. Be sure to consult a plumbing and electrical expert before moving or modifying your space to avoid this issue. An electrical design is more than meets the eye, especially when it comes to the kitchen. If you are adding multiple appliances and new lighting, you may not have enough electrical outlets or appropriate wiring to service them. You may need to have your underlying electrical plan completely reconfigured by an electrical professional; otherwise, you may overload your outlets.

Fortunately, all of these potential issues can be solved by hiring a remodeling professional that has a proven and tested process. For your various remodeling needs, reach out to these Home Artisans of Indiana members: David Burtner with Burtner Electric; Cathy Stegemoller with Steg Plumbing; Diana Dinges with Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery; and David Decker, ACo.


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