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The Transition from Heating to Cooling in Indiana
The Transition from Heating to Cooling in Indiana

To say this has been an abnormal winter in Indiana is an understatement. It was 60 during Super Bowl week, and hit the 70’s on Leap Day February 29th. While the milder winter has kept heating costs down, one of the challenges for many Central Indiana homeowners has been the unclear timing on when to transition from heating to cooling.
Smart homeowners, rightly, hesitate to turn on their air conditioning systems too early for fear of doing damage to them if the temps drop soon after, and their forced to kick the heat back on.

First, homeowners should know that turning on the A/C too early can’t do irrevocable damage to their system. These systems are designed to be used, and can run irrespective of certain outside temperatures or what might happen to weather patterns in the future. What should be a consideration, however, is the fact that it may have been 6-8 months since you’ve used the equipment. At Homesense Heating | Cooling, we recommend scheduling a maintenance visit prior to running your A/C, if at all possible. This service will allow a professional to test out the mechanical components, and gauge if adjustments are needed before the summer months begin in earnest.

Secondly, while we’re not blessed with long mild springs in the Indianapolis area, the weather doesn’t immediately jump into the 90’s. If the temps start to rise during the day, and it starts to get uncomfortable in your home, we recommend opening the windows and turning on your fan. Cycling the air can sometimes be enough to keep a consistent and comfortable temperature, without the cost and risk of turning on your A/C. Plus, you’ll soon have no choice but to blast the A/C, might as well have take a few weeks off from the big energy bill.

Brian Schutt is co-owner of Homesense Heating | Cooling. “We build comfort solutions with integrity. Expect great prices, great service, and honest and respectful communication throughout your customer experience.”

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