Accelerate Your Professional & Personal Growth-Create Your Own Business Support Community and Network - Home Artisans of Indiana w
Accelerate Your Professional & Personal Growth-Create Your Own Business Support Community and Network
Accelerate Your Professional & Personal Growth-Create Your Own Business Support Community and Network

Running a successful, sustainable home improvement business is challenging; it calls upon you to juggle innovation, creativity, finances, human resources, economic and consumer trends, client relationships, efficiency  – all without dropping the ball. A difficult job. Fortunately, though, it is one you do not need to tackle on your own. Connect and collaborate with like-minded professionals who can help you accelerate both your professional and personal growth.

It’s all about Community

No one understands the pressures, challenges, opportunities, and satisfaction of the home improvement industry more than those who live and breathe it every day. A thoughtfully curated community of business leaders provides support in a variety of ways. You will:

  1. Belong to a Community of Like-Minded Home Improvement Professionals. “Like-minded” does not necessarily mean that all members of the community have similar thoughts and opinions. Like George S. Patton said, “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” It’s true: you need the exchange of ideas, the healthy friction of respectful disagreement, and the challenge to do your own thinking. “Like-minded” in this sense, is that everyone has a common purpose and drive. Being in the midst of such a community encourages leaders to grow and develop.Peer groups encourage accountability, help us identify our own blind spots, give us a sounding board, and provide unfiltered feedback. It’s also give and take. Quite simply, you get help, you give help.
  2. Hone Your Business Acumen with Exclusive Resources. A community such as Home Artisans of Indiana (HAOI) provides exclusive resources to its members. Whether it is helpful white papers, videos, or guest speakers, accessing this knowledge, insight, and divergent thinking can be invaluable in growing your own business – while helping others grow theirs.
  3. Explore Key Topics in Roundtable Discussions. HAOI is a space where business leaders can feel comfortable learning, asking questions, and sharing stories and expertise. The concept of a roundtable is that everyone is given the same chance to participate. Again, the diversity of backgrounds, specialties, experiences, and thinking provides fertile ground for productive discussions, problem-solving, and idea generation.
  4. Develop Long-Lasting, Meaningful Relationships with Industry Peers. It’s lonely at the top! Even if you’re not at the top (yet!), it can be isolating to run a business. If you’ve made it to the top, then you know it’s necessary to have a network of like-minded individuals and colleagues to whom you can turn to for feedback, help and support. A business community, such as HAOI, provides these benefits to you.
  5. Give and Gain Quality Referrals. Business communities like HAOI allow only one company per service or trade, so you are not in a position where you’re competing with the folks you’re supposed to be supporting and from whom you are seeking support. When consumers are looking for an artisan or craftsman, the organization directs them to the appropriate professional. You can also refer other members to those in your network and vice versa; reciprocal referrals are a strong way to grow your business.

Being able to access exclusive resources, support, feedback, insight, ideas, and reciprocal referrals is invaluable for home improvement professionals. In our fast-paced, continually changing, and fiercely competitive industry, it is empowering to know you have a community standing with you.

If you are interested in becoming an essential part of our professional community, please contact Home Artisans of Indiana. We build better businesses together.

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