The Value of Noncompetitive Peer Groups: Be the Representative from Your Industry - Home Artisans of Indiana w
The Value of Noncompetitive Peer Groups: Be the Representative from Your Industry
The Value of Noncompetitive Peer Groups: Be the Representative from Your Industry

What is the value of only having one representative from each industry in Home Artisans of Indiana (HAOI)?

Think of it like this: the catcher is obviously a key player on any baseball team, but you don’t have nine of them on the field at once. You need a diversity of skills. You need people who understand, and excel in, their field (or, per our example, their spot in the field – or on the diamond!). And you need to ensure they’re all playing on the same team, reaching for the same goals, and helping each other get the “W.”

The Importance of Noncompetitive Peer Groups and Networks

There’s a lot to be said for peer groups that bring together people from the same industry. A lot that we won’t say because we are focusing on noncompetitive peer groups. The value here is no less real, and no less valuable. It’s simply different. HAOI is a network in which there is only one representative for each industry; that is, there is one representative for finance, flooring, surfaces, insurance, kitchen/bath remodeling, roofing, landscaping, etc., respectively. This allows.

1. Members to Bring Unique Expertise to the Group/Network

Each of our members is an expert in their field, possessing a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience that is not only impressive but valuable to other members. It gives each representative a glimpse into the inner workings of related businesses, as well as how they can all interconnect to ensure optimal results. A lender can provide key insights to builders in terms of helping clients make the best, most cost effective decisions, for example, or a designer and a lighting specialist (amongst others!) can collaborate on ways to achieve client goals more efficiently.

Whatever the discussion or the challenge, diverse perspectives always add value.

2. Ample Opportunity for Referrals and Recommendations

HAOI’s mission is to “build better businesses together.” Noncompetitive peers are able to do this more easily and efficiently – not to mention without conflict – with other members in their group. They have a client who is looking for an insurance agent/broker, who needs a landscaping architect or a solution for home security. They can confidently refer a peer, and that recommendation has meaning. They know them; they’ve seen them in action; they’ve been the recipient of that individual’s recommendations… It is reciprocal and mutually-beneficial to deliver this type of service to clients. And, of course, to one another.

3. Its a Safe Zone

At the end of the day, we’re all in business – and we’re all human. It can be difficult, and even detrimental, to give away trade secrets, to admit to struggling, to share dilemmas and challenges… with people who are in the same space or niche. While we all succeed when the trade industry thrives, it often feels safer and more comfortable to discuss these issues amongst those with whom you are not in direct competition. You can feel free to share ideas, to bring up problems, to admit to vulnerabilities, to talk about your failures with people who understand and who will leverage their own unique expertise in order to help.

Building Trust – and Better Businesses

Unlike trade associations and other networks (which, as mentioned, do have tremendous value), industry peer networks like HAOI bring together noncompeting professionals, which is key in creating an atmosphere of trust. It is this key that unlocks unparalleled collaboration, insightful discussions, authentic sharing, give-and-take referrals, and an environment of committed learning and growth.

Ready to jump start your own learning and growth? Learn more about becoming an HAOI member.

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