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Tips from the Experts: Exterior Remodeling
Tips from the Experts: Exterior Remodeling

The exterior of your house gives an impression of the overall condition of your home. It also affects your home’s safety and accessibility, and enhances the overall appeal. Home Artisans of Indiana has put together their experience of the exterior remodeling process to offer ideas and tips on how to improve your home’s exterior design:

The Importance of Curb Appeal

“If you are planning on selling your house, keeping the outside in good condition is like putting your best foot forward. Buyers’ first impressions start with your front yard and the house’s exterior; making buyers feel that your house is in good condition and you have taken care of it will lead to a faster sale.” Phil Hotle, 21 Century Scheetz

Walks and Driveways

“Concrete is a versatile material that can be stamped, colored, textured, and poured into any shape. Your design options when you choose concrete for your driveway, steps or walk are limited only by your topography and your budget.” Tim Eckert, Weber Concrete


“Your entryways should be hassle free for you and your guests. If you have steps, consider installing handrails to prevent falls and provide stability for people with unsteady legs. Dark entryways can cause falls too; even if there is hardly a lip in your thresholds, tripping is as easy as a misstep. Install lights inside and outside doors so you can see where you step when entering or exiting your home.” Kent McCool, Home Safe Homes

Secure Outdoor Design

“Designing your front yard and entrance needs to go beyond the aesthetics. Implementing Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) will help homeowners assess their outdoor space from a security perspective. By talking to a CPTED trained professional, homeowners can greatly increase security and safety resulting from their design. For example, installing a row of bushes to create privacy is a good idea—except when those bushes will also hide a vulnerable area of your home from view, giving the bad guys a way to gain entry. A CPTED trained professional will bring the security perspective to your design and offer alternatives. Options may range from simply removing or repositioning design elements, to installing security measures like automated lighting, driveway alerts or gate systems. When you feel safe and secure you enjoy your home more and you are happier.” Ray Rice, Digital Sight & Sound

Gutters and Shingles

“A good drainage system is essential to keep your roof in good condition, but gutters don’t last forever. If you are considering replacing all gutters and downspouts, consider upgrading to 6″ gutters and 3×4″ downspouts (some companies, like Watergate Roofing, will upgrade you for free). If you find your roof needs replacing as well, consider using durable, aesthetic architectural shingles (also called laminate or dimensional) that come with a lifetime warranty.” Millie Hindes, Watergate Roofing

Architectural Details

“Adding features to the outside of the house, such as eaves and arches, can bring flair and detailed beauty to a plain design. For a new home, you can typically buy architectural details like arches, eaves and window trim. Adding or repairing details of an old Victorian-style home however have to be done by hand, as someone handcrafted the original. If you want to restore the details of an older home, find a woodworking professional who can replicate or fix your architectural details for you.” Doug Marvel, Marvelous Woodworking

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