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Tips from the Experts: Winterizing Your Home
Tips from the Experts: Winterizing Your Home

We all know that preparing now for winter and the holidays can save you stress and expenses later. To help you get ready for the coming season, some Home Artisans of Indiana members offer their expert advice:

ORGANIZE YOUR SPACES: “Prepare for the holidays by organizing high traffic areas of your home, such as doorways and the kitchen, and any place people will likely gather to talk. Open up your closets and organize your seasonal storage spaces so you can quickly find what you need and exchange your fall decorations with your winter ones. Of course, we can design and customize spaces to accommodate all of your unique needs and items!” HAOI Member Erin Moore, California Closets

CLEAN YOUR GUTTERS: “Gutter cleaning is an essential of winter preparation. Snow buildup on your roof will alternatively melt and freeze throughout winter, and the runoff needs somewhere to go. Clogged gutters can cause the stuck water to form ice dams, which can lead to leaks and interior ceiling damage. With your hands and/or a small trowel to scoop out the nasty stuff, remove all sticks, leaves, and other debris from your gutters. It’s also a good idea to rinse out your downspouts with a hose. Call us if you want help.” HAOI Member Brian Paxton, A Better View Window Cleaning

SAVE SOME ENERGY: “Uncovered windows can cause up to 50% of a home’s energy loss, but the right window covering can greatly reduce your energy spending. Some coverings are designed to be energy efficient, providing an extra layer of insulation as well as blocking out heat in summer. For instance, the English Bump is a method of lining your drapery panels with a thicker material than traditional lining. This addition gives the drapes a fuller look with the added benefits of sound insulation, UV protection, increased energy efficiency, reduced heat loss, and effective sunlight blocking.” HAOI Member Caryn O’Sullivan, Drapery Street

DIM YOUR OUTDOOR LIGHTS: “You will not feel like changing your outdoor light bulbs once it hits below freezing temperatures! Put your outside lights on dimmers. If you dim outside lights by 10%, they can last twice as long.” HAOI Member Tracy Leeper King, Indiana Lighting Center

KEEP IT SIMPLE, SELLER: “If you are selling your house during the holiday season, remember to view your decorations through the eyes of the buyer. You want to show off your house, not the decorations, so keep it clean and simple. Festive can be charming if you don’t overdo it.” HAOI Member Phil Hotle, Century 21 Scheetz

PLANT SOME TREES AND SHRUBS: “Now is a good time to plant trees and shrubs before winter’s chilly temps arrive. The fall air may be getting colder, but the ground is still warm and soft. The trees have lost their leaves and aren’t focused on putting out more, so their energy goes into developing their roots. Throughout the rest of fall their root systems can establish themselves firmly and deeply in your landscape.” HAOI Member Gregg Pulley, Wesley’s Landscape and Lawncare

ASSESS YOUR HVAC SYSTEM: “Fall is a good time to get your HVAC system assessed, or replaced, before you find yourself stuck with a faulty system and a freezing house in the dead of winter. Take the time to compare prices, service providers, and equipment benefits now while you aren’t under pressure from extreme temperatures to find a quick fix, which may cost you more down the road. Also, manufacturers often offer special rebates during the fall season since the weather is generally mild.” HAOI Member Brian Schutt, Homesense Heating & Cooling

ACCIDENT-PROOF YOUR HOME: “If you will be entertaining mobility-impaired guests during the holidays, think about areas in your house that could be difficult for them to maneuver. Consider rearranging the furniture for easier access, or removing throw rugs they could stumble over.” HAOI Member Kent McCool, Home Safe Homes

BLEED EXTERIOR WATER FAUCETS: “Water can freeze in your exterior water lines and faucets, which can lead to burst or damaged plumbing, as well as interior leaks. Shut off the inside valves to the outside faucets first, then open and drain the excess water from the outside water lines and faucets. Removing the water will help prevent freezing.” HAOI Member Cathy Stegemoller, Steg Plumbing

Need more information on preparing your home for winter? Visit the Our Members page to contact our HAOI home improvement experts.

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