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Tips from the Experts: Top 5 Household Cleaning Products
Tips from the Experts: Top 5 Household Cleaning Products

Cleaning the surfaces of your home—sinks, faucets, countertops, floors, tubs and tile—are never-ending, essential tasks. An overwhelming amount of products are available to help you, but which ones actually work? Home Artisans member, Christina Garten from Christina’s Complete Clean lists her top 5 household cleaning products:

“As someone who cleans homes everyday, there are a few products I could not work without. They leave our clients’ homes smelling and looking great, and it makes me and my team happy cleaners!”

  1. Mrs. Myers Multi-Purpose

The Multi-Purpose is great for cleaning almost all areas of the home, from counter tops and cabinet fronts to floors, tubs and showers. However, it is probably not the best for wood furniture. It comes in a variety of fantastic scents (basil is my favorite), and most of its ingredients are plant-derived. Put just a small amount in a bucket of water, wipe the surface down, then dry. This will leave your home clean and smelling great!

  1. Bar-Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser (BKF Soft Cleanser)

It’s made right here in Indianapolis, and is the liquid version of the original BKF Cleanser & Polish powder. This creamy formula safely removes lime, metal tarnish, soap scum, rust and hard water from stainless steel, porcelain and tile. However, if the rust is too heavy, BKF Soft Cleanser won’t remove it all. Coffee stains won’t beat it, though.


Perfect for bathroom cleaning, this gel removes lime and rust with little effort, making tubs, tile, and many other surfaces look new again. We have very hard water here in Indiana so having a product like this certainly helps. The smell can be strong and bitter, and it is a toxic chemical. If it is mixed with any bleach product it can be very harsh!

  1. Murphy’s Oil Soap

This product is very safe for wood. It cleans tile, linoleum, antiques, wood floors and most furniture, though it can’t be used on unfinished or unsealed wood.

  1. Windex Vinegar Multi-Surface Cleaner

This ammonia-free formula has no harsh vinegar smell and can be used on A LOT of surfaces. It is especially great at shining mirrors, glass, stainless steel and countertops.

For a thorough house cleaning, reach out to Christina Garten, Christina’s Complete Clean. 

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