Two Good Reasons to Clean Up Your Yard this Fall
Two Good Reasons to Clean Up Your Yard this Fall

It’s the middle of October and Fall is in full swing. Your yard probably looks like it needs a couple of good rakings, and then some. Removing fall debris in the next two months is important to keeping your garden and yard healthy and growing. Clearing out your flower beds and cleaning under trees and shrubs gets rid of bugs, fungus, and diseases that have gathered there over the summer and fall. It is especially important to clean under hosta plants, and to cut down peonies, day lilies, and irises.

Raking leaves off your lawn is also important for grass growth. Though the days are getting colder, grass doesn’t stop growing in the fall. Removing the leaves from your lawn will allow your grass to breathe through the fall and grow roots that will last through the winter.

For more tips on caring for your yard, reach out to HAOI member Wesley’s Landscape and Lawncare.

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