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Updating a Staircase Adds Architectural Flair to Your Home
Updating a Staircase Adds Architectural Flair to Your Home

In many homes, staircases are the first thing we see when we walk through the front door, and thus they have a large impact on first impressions. Updating a staircase can create a gorgeous architectural highlight to set the tone for the rest of your house. Home Artisans’ member Doug Marvel of Marvelous Woodworking is a custom woodworking expert, and he suggests three updates that can improve your staircase:

Replace the Balusters:

Replacing plain wood balusters with wrought metal can add intricate detail to a staircase and, when paired with wooden handrails and newel posts, create a pleasing contrast. Metal balusters come in many different styles and finishes (black, bronze or nickel).

Add Wainscoting:

Many staircases run along a plain wall on one side. Adding wainscoting to that area quickly and easily updates the look, and you do not have to do any demolition, keeping your remodeling costs low.

Install Boxed Newel Posts:

Many older newel posts are curved and topped with acorn shapes, but replacing these curves with rectangular and boxed posts creates a sharp modern look. It’s a good idea to keep replacement newel posts the same size as previous posts; otherwise the space between balusters and the lengths of handrails will have to be adjusted as well, making the project take longer and cost more.

Thinking of updating a staircase? Reach out to Doug Marvel at Marvelous Woodworking for any of your custom woodworking needs.

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