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A power washer sprays water at high speeds, using pressure rather than chemicals or elbow grease to clean surfaces. And unlike chemicals or scrubbing, a power washer can be set at different strengths and temperatures. You can quickly clean large areas you would not normally tackle with your hands, such as concrete driveways, wooden decks or pergolas, and house sidings.

Many houses are susceptible to outdoor mold or algae, which grows on siding in green or black layers. Power washing can easily blast this coating off, and without using a ladder! Concrete can have similar mold problems, though dirt and dust will also build up on it. A broom is effective on large, dry objects like leaves and sticks, but power washing on a warm setting can take off the hard-caked dirt and damp objects that stick to the concrete, as well as finely cleaning its rough surface.

Wooden decks or pergolas will eventually become grey-weathered from outdoor exposure. However, this grey finish can be power-washed off at a low setting, restoring the wood to its original color. Power washing is also great with painted decks that are simply dirty. Use a lower setting so it will only spray off grime and not damage the paint.

If you don’t own a power washer, and can’t or don’t know how to operate one, a window-cleaning company may be able to help you out. Reach out to Brian Paxson at A Better View Window Cleaning for power washing services.

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