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Warning Signs of a Failing Furnace
Warning Signs of a Failing Furnace

Our furnaces are going to be working full time soon to counter the below-freezing temperatures on their way. However, before the winter cold arrives, you may want to check your heating system to see if it needs replacing. Otherwise you might suddenly find yourself in a freezing house!

The difficult reality with a mechanical system is that it usually works until it doesn’t. The only true way to predict future failure is to have regular maintenance done by a trained technician. Homeowners will then be kept updated about the component parts nearing the end of their life cycle, and will have the option to fix things before breakdown happens. While there is no one applicable formula for determining when it is time to replace a failing furnace, there is a combination of key factors member Homesense, an HVAC expert, looks for when they recommend replacing a furnace:

Age of the Furnace

A furnace that is more than ten years old is probably getting to the breaking point and could stand to be replaced.

Expense of Repair

When the broken furnace is expensive to repair, it can be more cost effective to buy a new one.


If a homeowner’s budget can easily accommodate it, a replacement is the likelier choice.

Length of Home Stay

When a homeowner is planning to stay in his or her current house for quite a few years, the investment in a new furnace makes more sense.

With high efficiency furnaces saving significant dollars on gas and electric bills, the benefits of replacement earlier in the lifespan of a system are increasing. It is becoming more common to replace a furnace at 10-years-old than to put band aids on it until it is 15-years-old. Most homeowners realize that over the course of those final 5 years they might spend the equivalent dollars in repairs and then still have to replace it in the end. Further, 0% financing terms are accessible from any reputable HVAC firm, which reduces the immediate budgetary impact. The final factor driving the decision to repair or replace comes down to the length of time someone expects to be in the home.

For a furnace expert, reach out to member Brian Schutt, Homesense Heating & Cooling.

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