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What is Aging-in-Place and Universal Design?
What is Aging-in-Place and Universal Design?

If you are planning to retire in your current home, consider remodeling with Aging-in-Place or universal design. Universal design aims to create a home that is safe, accessible, and enjoyable for everybody. Aging-in-Place has many similar goals and methods, though these designs are specifically to give older occupants the comfort, safety, and independence they are used to.

To accommodate someone who wants to age in place, bathrooms, kitchens, entryways and etc. are designed and remodeled to be functional and stylish; your home will look great while being completely accessible and safe. Aging-in-Place and universal design features compose a space that will work well for everybody, and will make your home accessible and safe particularly for those later years.

For expert Aging-in-Place designers, reach out to Home Artisans Member Kent McCool, Home Safe Homes.

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