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What to Consider When Shopping for New Appliances
What to Consider When Shopping for New Appliances

Replacing appliances can be costly and overwhelming, given all of the new, high-tech features that are now available on the market. Today appliances come equipped with everything from energy efficiency to smart options and green settings. Here are a few tips for navigating through all of the options without breaking the bank.
The kitchen is home to the widest number of appliances, so let’s begin there. Many homeowners think that replacing one kitchen appliance means replacing all of them to ensure that they match one another. While matching appliance sets are nice, they are far from necessary. In terms of appliance features, there are a lot of cool new features to explore. And if you aren’t worried about replacing each individual appliance, that frees up your pocketbook to splurge on models with exciting features. Induction stovetops are becoming very popular. Instead of using traditional heating methods, induction cooks food using a magnetic iron. Incidentally, this way of creating heat can cook food much faster. Refrigerators can now come equipped with digital temperature controls. And certain dishwashers feature adjustable racks that can fold down to fit larger dishes or pots.
Another must-have appliance is the washer and dryer set. New front-loading washers use 65% less energy and 33% less water, which can save you money on your utility bills. Additionally, look for a washer with a fast spin cycle. This will cause the water to drain off the wet clothes quicker, so they can spend less time in the dryer. There are also some models that feature steam cleaning technology, which helps remove set-in stains and allergens from clothes.
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