Who Are the Home Artisans of Indiana? - Home Artisans of Indiana w
Who Are the Home Artisans of Indiana?
Who Are the Home Artisans of Indiana?

Home Artisans of Indiana was created around a shared philosophy of how to do business: provide outstanding customer service, quality and value. As their satisfied customers kept asking for recommendations for other home improvement service providers, our founding members saw a need for a referral network they could trust to take care of their clients. Hence, Home Artisans of Indiana was formed five years ago, and has served a growing number of happy Indianapolis homeowners ever since.

The old adage “you are known by the company you keep” drives how members are invited to join Home Artisans. Each of us works hard to serve our clients well, and that commitment extends to whom we recommend for other services. To become a Home Artisans member, a business must have a proven record of practicing our shared philosophy, and have a solid reputation within their industry. However, membership does not guarantee referrals! It is up to the new member to create relationships with other members, garnering opportunities to build trust and prove their commitment to high-quality service.

Home Artisans meets twice a month, sharing best practices and building relationships. Attendance at these meetings is required to be a member in good standing. Fortunately, we are a friendly, cohesive group, which makes taking the time out of the business day to be there an easy choice. Each month one member is in the “hot seat”, where they tell us more about their business and the added value they give to their customers. These sessions allow us to feel even more confident in recommending our fellow members.

But what does all this information mean to you, the homeowner? You have access to a group of reliable home improvement service providers who have been vetted by their peers. No longer do you need to take your chances on the first company to pop up on Google. There is a group of businesses openly dedicated to serving you well, treating your fairly, and providing you value for your investment. Visit homeartisans.com to learn more about our members. We hope you will reach out to one of us the next time you need help with your home.

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