Who Are You? Find Out with Home Artisans of Indiana - Home Artisans of Indiana w
Who Are You? Find Out with Home Artisans of Indiana
Who Are You? Find Out with Home Artisans of Indiana

Who are you? Where are you headed? Most people find themselves questioning many aspects of their life and business daily. By creating a mission, vision, and core values these questions are answered and provide a solid direction for effective leadership and ultimately, success! Home Artisans of Indiana (HAOI) is a collaborative group of like-minded home improvement business leaders dedicated to personal and professional growth and they are here to help you work through those tough internal conversations.

Currently meeting bi-weekly in Carmel, HAOI is excited to announce a second chapter opening second quarter of 2020! What better place to host such an impactful and collaborative group than the 94,000 square foot mixed-use development building, Hub & Spoke in Fishers, Indiana!

“The new chapter of Home Artisans of Indiana will expand the capacity for our members to engage with other communities and businesses which will lead to further growth of their own companies,” said Christina Greive, Membership Liaison of HAOI.

The members of HAOI grow their businesses on a foundation of support. They help each other with the resources, guidance, and collaborative environment needed to develop cornerstones of success like mission, vision and core values statements. For details on developing these essential assets, visit their website at: homeartisans.com/grow.

Interested in checking out Home Artisans for yourself? Request an invite by visiting: homeartisans.com/request.

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