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Whole House Remodeling Project: The Value of Having a Talented Team
Whole House Remodeling Project: The Value of Having a Talented Team

The key to a successful remodel is having a talented, hard-working team. Home Artisans of Indiana was created as a single source of exceptional home improvement providers, making it easy for homeowners to find the experts they need. Our members are trustworthy, top-notch professionals, who love what they do and expect high quality work from themselves. Recently, eight Home Artisans members put this team approach to the test when they worked together to remodel a home in the Geist area of Indianapolis.

The Project:

The 1984, 5,500 square foot house had a solid build, great functionality, and other nice features to work with. However, the design was pretty dated, with a brown-on-brown dark color scheme. The client wanted a complete remodel of the master bathroom, kitchen, and basement bar with updated colors, styles, and materials. The Affordable Companies created design plans, provided the product and installed the materials in these areas. The homeowner also needed some work done beyond the scope of The Affordable Companies, so based on referrals and recommendations Affordable hired seven other Home Artisans members to contribute their talents and expertise in their specialty areas.

The Affordable Companies’ design consultant helped the client create a new look for the home, working with 3D rendering to demonstrate the design. The designer guided the client through options that supported the look and functionality he desired. The Home Artisans members also provided solutions and suggestions that met the client’s vision and made the final result even better.

The Kitchen:

The original kitchen had a lot of dark cabinetry and mediocre lighting. To brighten the kitchen, Affordable created a design that included white cabinetry and shelving, an interesting white tile backsplash, and a new kitchen island. Indiana Lighting Center worked with Affordable’s designer, recommending a cool-toned lighting scheme for the overall kitchen and accent lighting for the tile backsplash and floating shelves. The result was a kitchen that looked larger, cleaner, and brighter.

Home Artisans of Indiana remodeling project--kitchen

The Master Bathroom:

The original bathroom was somewhat cramped for space, with a bulky glass wall shower enclosure, dark cabinetry, carpeting, and a rectangle marble tub. Mirror Concepts understood the look and functionality the client was looking for, and suggested that Affordable include glass French doors with the barrier free shower they planned on installing. . Mirror Concepts also designed and installed the doors. Affordable continued the clean lines of the shower to everything else in the bathroom, installing simple marble flooring, a freestanding tub, and fresh white cabinetry. The bathroom now has a sleek, modern feel.


The Basement:

The client wanted to create a bar area in the basement that would be perfect for entertaining guests. Affordable’s designer brought together key elements the client wanted, such as gray colors and visually interesting open shelving for wine bottles. The client also wanted the bar’s look to have its own style separate from the kitchen above, but still in keeping with the overall modern theme of the home. Affordable added to his ideas by designing a unique dark-wood backsplash, which created a warmer atmosphere in the basement area that the client absolutely loved.

The home’s old furnace had long since passed its prime. Home Sense Heating and Cooling provided an excellent evaluation of and recommendation for the heating and cooling conditions, taking into account the house’s size and walk-out garage. Homesense also expertly installed the new furnace.



Members Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, Drapery Street, and Digital Sight & Sound contributed to the finishing touches on the project. Ferguson provided all the plumbing fixtures, helping the client in the brainstorming and selection process through their beautiful showrooms and extensive product knowledge. Drapery Street created and installed stunning drapery and window treatment designs for the home. Finally, Digital Sight & Sound set up a wireless audio-visual system, allowing all the components to be located in the basement rather than on each floor of the house. They also supplied, mounted and wired all of the TVs, and installed a state-of-the-art alarm system.

The Final Result:

Every remodeling project creates some mess, so the final step was ridding the house of all of the dust, dirt and debris leftover from construction. Ductz was called in to clean out the home’s HVAC system, allowing the client to breathe air as clean as his new kitchen.

For the homeowner, there was great value in having a single source of trusted artisans he could bring on to fulfill his vision. He did not have to worry that they would not show up, or do a bad job. Because the team knows and respects each other, they worked together on schedules, processes, and expectations. The ability to trust an entire team of professionals took the stress and worry out of the endeavor. Next time you are planning a home improvement project, remember to include the members of Home Artisans of Indiana.

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