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Why Mulch?
Why Mulch?

Mulching your plant beds and trees gives your lawn a clean, finished look, but did you know that mulch itself is very beneficial to plants and soil? Mulch acts as a barrier against weeds and erosion, and helps moderate temperatures in the soil, insulating roots in winter and preventing water evaporation in summer. Also, the chips of wood that mulch is made of are a good source of nutrients for plants and trees as it decomposes. Finally, mulch can retain water better than bare earth, so any water will soak more easily into mulch, thus keeping plants better hydrated.

Generally, you can mulch anytime during the year. Most people prefer to mulch in the spring to give the landscape a renewed look all year. Dyed mulch is becoming very popular, and tends to keep its color for 9-12 months.

To prepare for mulching, make sure all plant areas are cleared of weeds, leaves and grass. A mulch layer of 2-3 inches is recommended for an effective covering. Most all wood and bark mulch materials provide approximately the same level of service, so the choice between materials is based more on appearance and cost.

For mulching services, reach out to Gregg Pulley, Wesley’s Landscape & Lawncare. Wesley’s offers installation of a variety of hardwood mulch in most of Hamilton and Boone counties.

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