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Window Treatments of 2016: Using Neutral Colors
Window Treatments of 2016: Using Neutral Colors

Neutral colors have been a popular color scheme in recent years and continue to be on top of the trends in 2016.  There are some timeless designs being created with neutrals in window treatments too. Simple but effective, these trends are easy for anyone to incorporate:

Patterns and Textures

A pattern or rich texture with a subtle neutral tone is a great choice for your window treatments. Patterns and textures add interest and visual weight to your windows; the neutral tones keep the effect low-key, creating a balanced look that doesn’t overwhelm your design.

Photo courtesy of Drapery Street


Another quick but stylish way to use neutrals is by seaming different neutral tones together. Combinations of color and patterns are endless, so your drapes never have to look plain or boring.

Seaming | Window Treatments

Pops of Color

Neutrals can be pretty on their own, but they look even better with a pop of color.  Just a little color goes a long way when used in combination with softer tones. If you love bright colors but don’t want them to overpower your room, adding these touches of pop to a neutral drape is a smart and stylish option.

Ready to bring the beauty and versatility of neutral drapes to your home? Reach out to drapery expert Caryn O’Sullivan, Drapery Street.

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