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Custom holiday cards made with a graphic designer or print partner allow you to personalize your holiday greetings, making them something truly unique that expresses your family perfectly. Even if you are sending as few as 50 cards, digital print production can be surprisingly cost-effective. And, your spreadsheet of contacts can be used to print addressed envelopes, saving you time!

When you are working with a custom designer or print partner for your holiday cards, it is better to talk through all options with them early on—the design process often takes longer than expected. This will help ensure you aren’t spending too much on postage or printing when a simple size-change would reduce your costs immensely. For instance, a square card’s postage is significantly higher and can be less cost-effective to print than a rectangular card.

Graphic designers can help you get creative with your cards. For example, HAOI member AlphaGraphics has done numerous cards featuring family pets, which some clients were so happy with they kept that theme for 10 or more years.

For more information on creating custom greeting cards, contact HAOI member AlphaGraphics.

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