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How to Choose Lighting for Your Home
How to Choose Lighting for Your Home

Illuminating your space is an involving task that should be fun, but also well planned. No matter what your interior design scheme is, lighting has the potential to dramatically change the feel and functionality of the rooms in your house. Understanding how you will use your space will help you choose the appropriate lighting type and placement.

Task Lighting

For rooms where you do many activities, such as kitchens or bathrooms, task lighting from various sources will help you see what you’re doing. For example, an active kitchen needs lighting for lots of different activities: under-cabinet lights to illuminate fully the countertop and stove top for preparing food; hanging pendants over an island for working or eating; and ceiling cans to provide bright light for the whole space.

Atmospheric Lighting

Beyond supporting your tasks, lighting can set the atmosphere of a room. For spaces that are less active, like bedrooms or living rooms, ambient lighting with a few bright spots will allow for a relaxing feel while still providing light for some tasks. Ceiling cans and chandeliers can be set on dimmers to control the overall mood of the room. Lamps provide soft lighting as well.

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